Award-Winning Artist and Designer

My Story



Born and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana, I have always known that I wanted to tell meaningful stories with compelling words and memorable pictures. I spent most of my childhood filling every sketchbook with drawings and words to describe my drawings.

In 2007, I graduated from the College of Art and Design at LSU. My creative skillset is extremely diverse, with over 30 years of meaningful experience in art. From Landscape Architecture, to art education, to oil paintings, to custom furniture- I have studied and professionally practiced nearly every facet of art. 

I specialize in capturing dreamlike photorealistic scenes with oil paint. My work is rooted in my spirituality and the understanding that we are all connected. I strive to discover unique connections and convey them in intriguing ways, challenging the viewer to think critically about what these commonalities could mean. With a particular interest in the influence of time, my pieces often contain subtle references to my past and my love of history. 

You can view some of my handmade custom furniture work here:

-Jamar Simien